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Born and raised in Arlington, Texas, Tommy Eddleman has grown up in and around motorized vehicles. Anything ... cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats ... if it had a motor, Tommy tinkered with it. As he grew, his passion for speed continued, but his desire for style, finesse and perfection escalated.

As a teenager, Tommy worked for a local paint and body shop. There, Tommy learned the ins and outs of the basics of automotive engineering. He was quickly introduced to antique cars and parts by Stacy Brown at Antique Auto Supply. As an adult, Tommy ventured into working for some of the largest, well-known automotive dealerships in the Metroplex. He touched almost every aspect of the fixed operations side of the dealership world. From Parts to Service to Body Shop operations, he's been a part of it all. But, one aspect of his deep-seeded passion for cars was still hidden ... building hot rods!!!

Drag Racing, Street Rods, Custom Motorcycles and Show Cars turned Tommy onto just another chapter of his life-long passion. He quickly learned that these categories were not just hobbies ... they were a way of life. In 1991, he took his bride of just a year, to watch the drag races at a small town drag strip. His next 7 years were spent wrenching a 1961 Chevy pickup, transforming it into a full-blown race car, while his wife spent her time racing it. "He built the horsepower, and I drove it straight and fast!" says Wendi, his wife of now 19 years. The two spent every moment possible at the race track, and were a successful team. Then in 1998, Tommy and Wendi were blessed with the birth of their daughter, Sommer. As this life-changing event unfolded, Tommy's opportunities to build antique and custom show cars evolved. His first chance came when he learned that his good friend, Jim Moore, had a 1968 Firebird in pieces, just sitting in his garage. Tommy spent countless hours transforming Jim's car into an award-winning show car. His perfectionism and attention to detail landed Jim's car in Super Rod magazine and led to the car winning just about every show it entered. 


These days, you will find Tommy and his girls at just about every automotive event around town from car shows and Harley drags to Toy Runs and races. Tommy's ultimate goal now is to build, maintain and repair vehicles for clients. His experienced devotion is the stepping stone to providing a much-needed service. With honesty and fairness, Tommy will work with you to engineer a project that will leave you full of pride and excited to show off your investment. Everyone knows that special feeling they get when they receive the ultimate compliment "Hey, nice car!"  Let Tommy get a project in the works for you, and soon you will experience that special feeling of pride also!

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Tommy's Rod Shop
915 W. Mayfield Rd, Ste 105
Arlington, TX 76015

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